Master of Education - Teacher as Leader

The Master of Education meets the needs of professional teachers who already are certified and desire a graduate specialty in elementary education or secondary education. Candidates enrolled in the masters of education program at Belhaven University are required to take a core of courses for 21 hours. In addition, students desiring additional hours in Teacher as Leader take 3 online courses in this area of emphasis for 9 credits. The degree program concludes with a comprehensive capstone course.


Master of Education

The Master of Education program will enrich and advance teachers with a focus on the current areas of teaching and learning. Earning a MED degree can also lead current teachers to leadership roles. This program meets the needs of professional teachers who are already certified. The Master of Education provides advanced pedagogical and research skills to enable one to become a leader in today’s schools.

Belhaven graduate courses for teachers take an in-depth look into the classroom and give teachers the ability to not only evaluate their current methods, but examine the improvement of learning and the implementation of better teaching techniques from a critical thinking perspective.

Belhaven’s Master of Education classes gives teachers, who wish to pursue a masters, distinct advantages by eliminating obstacles like distance and time. Potential students could also qualify for scholarships like the Teach Grant and the Belhaven Classroom Leadership Scholarship.

Through this graduate degree program, students have access to Belhaven’s education professors and the wealth of knowledge they are eager to share. Since Belhaven’s founding in 1883, we have excelled in preparing students to be teachers and are excited to bring our education expertise to the area.

Curriculum Summary

Note, the three courses listed in the area of emphasis are online classes.

Course #MED Core CoursesCredits
EDU600 MED Orientation Seminar 0
EDU610 Research Methods and Procedures 3
EDU612 Curriculum Planning and Organization 3
EDU628 Advanced Instructional Strategies 3
REA617 Content Area Literacy 3
EDU621 Assessing Student Learning 3
EDU623 Technology in Education 3
EDU630 Diagnostic and Remedial Strategies Across the Content Areas 3
Area of Emphasis - Teacher as Leader
These 3 Courses to be completed online
EDU624 Issues and Innovations in Education 3
EDU631 Individual Instruction for Children with Learning Problems 3
EDU636 Supervision of Instruction: Collaborating for Accountability 3
Capstone Course
EDU625 Instructional Leadership Skills in the Classroom 3

Admission Information

Offered to students who hold an undergraduate degree in education or have completed a teacher preparation program. Students who hold an undergraduate degree in education or have completed a teacher preparation program may apply to the Master of Education degree program with evidence of holding or being eligible to hold a Standard license in the area of emphasis for which the student is seeking degree and two years of teach experience. The MEd focuses on the core foundation of the educational profession - teaching and learning.

Students must have a GPA of 2.75 or higher on one of the following:

  • Cumulative from undergraduate/graduate degree granting institution or
  • Cumulative on last 60 hours of undergraduate work

Non-degree seeking students

  • Must submit an official transcript from their undergraduate/graduate degree-granting colleges/universities.
  • After attempting six semester hours, must either apply for admission as a degree-seeking student or make a request to be continued as a non-degree seeking student (maximum of 12 hours).

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