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Belhaven offers a challenging educational experience for aspiring teachers who desire to enhance their knowledge and skills. Our faculty and staff are committed to preparing professional educators who can provide distinctive Christian leadership and service in the classroom, the school, and the community. The goal of graduate teacher education is to prepare competent teachers who demonstrate both academic excellence and professional knowledge while providing distinctive Christian leadership and service to students, parents, and communities.

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is designed for students who have a non-education undergraduate degree. The Master of Arts in Teaching program outlines the licensure path for persons holding a baccalaureate degree who desire a Mississippi Teacher Certification. The State of Mississippi requires unlicensed degree holders who wish to be licensed to enroll in a M.A.T. program or another approved program. A qualified candidate must take EDU 501 and 506, pass the Praxis I and II to apply for a three year provisional Class A license. After completing 1 year of teaching and EDU 502 and 503 a candidate may apply for a Class A standard (5 year) license. If a candidate completes the MAT program, they would then apply for a Class AA standard license.

Online MS Teach Certification Courses Available

All MAT students have a choice of taking EDU 501 and EDU 506 either online or live in a classroom setting. This will allow for greater flexibility in scheduling. All other courses in the MAT program are only taught in a live classroom setting on either the Jackson or DeSoto campus.

Curriculum Summary

Master of Arts in Teaching Curriculum Summary Required Core:
Course #Course NameCredits
EDU501 Measurement and Evaluation Strategies 3
EDU502 Dimensions of Learning I 3
EDU503 Dimensions of Learning II 3
EDU506 Classroom Management and Organization 3
EDU602 Psychology of the Exceptional Child 3
EDU610 Research Methods and Procedures 3
EDU620 Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum 3
EDU621 Assessing Student Learning 3
Elementary Concentration (Grades 4-8)
EDU611 Children's Literature in Elementary Reading 3
EDU614 Effective Teaching Strategies in Elementary School 3
EDU622 Teaching Reading Skills and Comprehension 3
Secondary Concentration (Grades 7-12)
EDU612 Curriculum Planning and Organization 3
EDU615 Effective Teaching Strategies in Secondary School 3
Secondary Concentration (3 credit hours selected from the following:)
EDU617 Teaching Reading in the Secondary School 3
EDU623 Technology in Education 3
EDU630 Diagnostic & Remedial Strategies in the Content Areas 3
EDU634 Designing Instruction 3
NOTE: Students seeking teaching certification must assume responsibility for fulfilling all state requirements. See Jackson Campus website for all licensure requirements. Completion of the Master of Arts in Teaching does not guarantee licensure. See teacher education handbook for specific requirements for comprehensive exam process and licensure.

Course Descriptions

See University Catalogue for course descriptions.

Admission Information

The Master of Arts in Teaching degree is for students who hold non-educational undergraduate degrees and want to pursue the alternate route license at the graduate level (see steps to alternative teacher certification), or who currently hold an alternate license and desire a master's degree and standard certification. MAT graduates can teach in the elementary setting, grades 4 through 8, or in the secondary setting, grades 7 through 12.
Students must have a GPA of 2.8 or higher on one of the following:

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