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Master of Public Administration


The Master of Public Administration degree program at Belhaven University equips graduates for increased leadership and management responsibilities within government agencies. Our goal is to enhance knowledge, skills, and abilities of public sector professionals and to serve other student who desire careers in public and non-profit organizations. The program will convey knowledge and develop competencies in public sector management practices, public policy analysis, and public decision-making processes. The program is offered in the evenings to facilitate participation by students who are employed full time and wish to pursue their education. Classes are accelerated and consist of one class meeting per week plus a weekly learning team meeting.

In addition to the core MSL classes, students can also earn a concentration in Human Resources.

Program Objectives:

Change Yourself

Change Your Life

Change Your Point of View

Curriculum Summary

Master of Public Administration Courses
Course #Course NameCredits
MPA601 Intro to Graduate Research 3
MPA607 Ethical Problems in Business 3
MPA640 Organizational Behavior 3
MPA605 Principles of Executive Leadership 3
MPA603 Research Methods 3
MPA611 Public and administrative Law 3
MPA610 Economic and Public Policy 3
MPA606 Human Resources and Development 3
MPA609 Administration of Financial Resources 3
MPA608 Management Research Project 3
MPA612 Public Policy Analysis 3
MPA613 Research Capstone Project 3

Course Descriptions

See University Catalogue for course descriptions.

Admission Information

Up to 6 hours of accredited graduate work may be transferred if a B or better has been earned in each course. A 2.5 cumulative GPA or a 2.5 GPA in the last 60 hours from undergraduate work is required for admission or 9 hours of graduate work with a B in each course.
Students applying to the Master of Public Administration degree program must also submit the following:

Students may transfer up to six (6) hours of graduate credit from the State-sponsored Certified Supervisory Management (CSM-3 credit hours) and Certified Public Management (an additional 3 graduate credits = 6 total acceptable graduate credit hours). CPM program completion accepted toward a degree must be completed within the last six years. An official certificate or course completion transcript must be submitted before transfer credit is awarded; it is the student's responsibility to ensure that the advisor receives the official certificate or transcript. The advisor makes decisions regarding transfer credit. Students may appeal decisions related to transfer credit to the Dean of the School of Business.

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