Faculty at the Jackson Adult Studies Campus

Belhaven University boasts distinguished faculty who are ready and available to lead students in the adult degree program toward their educational goals. Our professors are qualified and experienced across multiple fields, often working full-time in local businesses and introducing first-hand knowledge of their subject matter into the classroom. Call or email today and let our faculty help you discover your area of expertise!

Dr. Rick Upchurch Dr. Rick Upchurch, (2014) Associate Vice President for Adult, Graduate, and Online Studies

D.Min., Drew University
M.A., Olivet Nazarene University
B.A., Olivet Nazarene University
Genice Knight

Ms. Genice Knight, (2019) Assistant Dean of Adult, Graduate and Online Studies

PhD (ABD), Jackson State University
MSL, Belhaven University
BBA, Jackson State University

Dr. Ralph A. Mason III (1995) Dean of the School of Business Dr. Ralph A. Mason III, (1995) Dean of the School of Business

Ph.D., The University of North Carolina
M.Ed., The University of North Carolina
B.A., Duke University
David Hand Dr. David Hand, (2013) Dean of the School of Education

Ed.D. from Oklahoma State University
M.A., Oral Roberts University
B.A., Oral Roberts University

Name Degree Graduate School Teaching Field
Adams, Charles J.D. The University of Mississippi Business Law
Anthony, Gregory  M. Div. Reformed Theological Seminary Biblical Studies, Worldview
Avery, Jerri  Ph.D. Jackson State University Business
Bacon, Jasper  M.Div Wesley Biblical Seminary Biblical Studies, Worldview
Beasley, Patrick J.D. Mississippi College School of Law Law
Biggs, Jennifer  M.A.  Reformed Theology Seminary Psychology
Bowie, Geraldine Ph.D. So. Illinois University at Carbondale Education
Brandon, Linda  Ed.D. Nova Southeastern University Business
Brown, Joey M.B.A. Millsaps College Management
Buckley, Cedric  Ph.D. Michigan State University Biology
Carter, Lindsay  M.B.A. Washington University Business
Crisler, Marshand  Ph.D. Jackson State University Business
Croom, Modice M.S. Belhaven University Management
Dean, Michel  M.H.A. Belhaven University Health Administration
Devore, William M.MS. Southeast Missouri St. University Mathematics
Didia, Dal Ph.D. State University of New York Business, Economics
Dowe-Davis, Kim  M.Ed. & M.S. Mississippi College & Univ. of So. Miss. English
Echoles, Derrick  Ph.D. Southern Illinois University Psychology
Elliott, Kenneth  Ph.D. Mississippi State University, Reformed Theological Seminary, University of South Florida History, Bible, Research
Ethridge, Brent  M.B.A. Mississippi State University Management
Floyd, Lynnette Ed.S. Mississippi State University Education
Foncree, Rose Mary  M.A.  Valdosta State University English
Gaddis, Angela M.S.W. University of Southern Mississippi Social Services
Gaggini, Gerald J.D. Mississippi College School of Law Health Administration
Garrett, Ed  M.A.  University of Phoenix Business
Gibson, L. H.  M.B.A. University of Southern Mississippi Business, Management
Hays, Pete M.B.A. University of Southern Mississippi Accounting
Henderson, Amy  M.S.W. Jackson State University Social Services
Hood, Jim Ph.D. University of Mississippi Statistics
Hydrick, Dennis  M.A.  Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Psychology
James, Marsha  Ph.D. The University of Alabama Business
Jinkiri, Yusufu D.S. Jackson State University Health Administration
Johnson, Allison Ph.D. University of Southern Mississippi Health Administration
Jordan, Michael M.B.A. William Carey College Business
Leggette, Jim  Ph.D. University of South Carolina Business
Lewis, Latonia D.B.A. Baker College Business
Lott, Mark M. Ed. New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Bible
Malin, Donald M. Div. Reformed Theological Seminary Bible, Worldview
Marsh, Robert M.B.A. Belhaven University Business
Martin, Ervin Ph.D. The Fielding Institute Public Administration
Mason, Chip Ph.D. University of North Carolina Business
McCarver, Aaron M.A. Mississippi College English
McClendon, Sandra M.S. W.  University of South Carolina Social Services
McLaurin, Zonzie D.H.A. University of Mississippi Medical Center Health Administration
Mclin, Dawn D.S. Mississippi State University Psychology
Meadows, Jerold Ph.D. Capella University Business
Moody, Will M.B.A. Mississippi State University Business
Moyers, Paul J.D. The University of Mississippi Business
Newman, Jenny M.S. Mississippi College Psychology
Noblitt, Donna Ed.D. University of Southern Mississippi Education
Olevia Williams M.A.  University of Southern Mississippi Social Services
Opari-Nadi, Gregory Ph.D. Capella University Business
Overby, Shery M.S. Belhaven University Business, Management
Parish, Allen M.S. Belhaven University Business
Penn, William Ph.D. Duke University Business, Economics
Pitts, Kathy Ph.D. University of Mississippi   English
Prosser, Vicki Ph.D. Jackson State University Psychology
Reeves, John M.Div Reformed Theological Seminary Bible
Rice, Trey M.S. Mississippi State University Mathematics
Rickey, Davis M.S. Belhaven University Business
Riddering, David Ph.D. Univesidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico Business, Marketing
Roark, Ginger M.B.A. Mississippi College Accounting
Saliba, Patty M.S.M. Belhaven University Organizational Behavior
Samuel, Andre  D.M. Graduate School: Phoenix University Management
Shird, Lorna M.S. Tennessee State University Psychology
Shull, Jim D. Min. Reformed Theological Seminary Bible
Skinkle, Lee Ph.D. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Business
Springer, Tony Ph.D. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary History
Strum, Kent M.H.A. Medical College of Virginia Health Administration
Todd, Lewis M.B.A. Belhaven University Management
Trigg, Anita M.S.W. Southern University of New Orleans Social Services
Turner, Dwight M.S. Belhaven University Business
Vickery, Robert M.A.  Mississippi College English
Vines, William Matt J.D. University of Mississippi School of Law Business
Wallace, Jolivette Ph.D. Walden University Business
Wallace, Stanley Blake M.B.A. Belhaven University Business
White, Terry Lynn M.S. William Carey College Mathematics
Wilson, Lori Ph.D. University of Alabama at Birmingham Business
Wyatt, Adam M.Div New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Bible, Worldview
Yeatts, Oliver M.S.M. Belhaven University Business