Bachelor of Health Administration

The Bachelor of Health Administration degree at Belhaven University, is designed to integrate a foundation of general education with health administration theory, and practice the expertise that prepares graduates for management positions in health administration.

The BHA curriculum addresses the basic body of knowledge, understanding, and skills identified as relevant to health administration:

  • Critical thinking from a Biblical worldview perspective, utilized to analyze and solve complex problems.
  • Professional communication skills expanded by developing an understanding of the Biblical principles used to provide effective communication strategies within the organization, with staff, patients, and the public.
  • Leadership abilities established on biblical principles to lead effective work teams toward a shared organizational mission.
  • Foundation of ethical principles, based on the Bible, to guide the decision making process from an application of personal and organizational values.
  • Quantitative skills to manage an organization's financial health, provide data to measure, and report an organization's quality outcomes.
  • Legal and regulatory knowledge, to reduce an organization's liability and effectively manage risk.
  • Broad knowledge of the health administration industry, to include managed care and long term care administration.
  • Marketing strategies, taught from a Christian worldview, to reach the appropriate audience in creative, cost effective ways.
  • Ability to embrace biblical principles regarding the management of human resources and how to secure, retain, and train the most competent workforce available.
  • Use biblical worldview principles to plan, and organize skills to complete business-critical projects.
  • 124 credit hours
  • Attend classes one night a week
  • All classes taught from a Christian worldview
  • Small class sizes so you know your professors and classmates
  • Competitive tuition rates

A health administration degree can open up career opportunities in hospitals, private practices, rehabilitation facilities and community clinics. Potential occupations could include:

  • Supervisory roles in human resources
  • Communications and marketing assistants
  • Office finance and accounting
  • Project consultants and supervisors
  • Manager of health information services
  • Supervisor of medical records, billing and insurance
  • Case and contract managers
  • Office or department management
  • Leadership and management of technological innovations


The Spring meeting of Belhaven Future Healthcare Leaders is Wednesday, April 6th from 12:00 to 12:50 p.m. in Irby 222 on the main campus. Angela Burrell from the University of Mississippi Medical Center will be the guest speaker. Officers for the 2022-2023 academic year will be elected. The meeting is open to all Belhaven students, faculty, and staff who are interested in healthcare.

Belhaven has a student chapter of Belhaven Future Healthcare Leaders (BFHL) for the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). The purpose of the chapter is to promote educational development of skills necessary for the effective leadership in healthcare organizations that students may serve once completing their studies at Belhaven University. Membership is open to all Belhaven University students and faculty who have an interest in healthcare management. Go to the BFHL page for more information.

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Belhaven’s business school is accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education. Why is this important?

Knowing the School of Business is accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education tells you that Belhaven University voluntarily holds itself to a set of quality standards and is willing to allow outside business experts come to campus and verify Belhaven is doing what we say we are doing. Belhaven’s commitment to the accreditation process benefits you because it ensures you will be provided a quality education. Additionally, it may assist you in meeting eligibility requirements for state and federal financial aid and in pursuit of graduate education.

These rates are for August 1, 2022 through July 31, 2023.

Tuition and Fees Per Credit Hour
Undergraduate Degree/Certificate $425
Active Military Discount, Undergraduate Program $250
20% Discount: Military Spouse/Veteran/First Responder $340

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Belhaven University has been ranked #9 by for Best Healthcare Administration Schools.