Earn College Credit for Prior Learning and Experience

Save money and speed up the time it takes to earn your undergraduate degree through earning college credit for knowledge gained from prior training, on-the job experience or military service. Through Belhaven University you can earn up to 45 hours of undergraduate college credit through a combination of options.

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By Examination

Students can show their level of knowledge through subject area tests which include College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Dantes Subject Standardized Test Scores (DSST)

  • College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) - CLEP offers a unique opportunity to gain college credit for the knowledge you have acquired. CLEP is comprised of thirty-three tests covering a variety of subjects. Formal study, private reading, on-the-job experience, non-credit courses, business training, television/radio courses, travel, and superior high school courses are just a few ways knowledge is acquired that may be applied within CLEP testing.
  • Standardized Testing - Belhaven University recognizes the CLEP, Dantes, AP and ACT PEP standardized tests for credit and accepts the recommended score scale. Alternative credit, including CLEP, AP, and ACT PEP may not exceed 30 hours. Students may not CLEP core courses in their major. CLEP courses, when allowed, become Gen Eds or electives and a part of the alternative credit limit. CLEP of the basic Gen Ed courses ENG104/105, MAT202 is not permitted.
  • Dantes Subject Standardized Test Scores (DSST) - The DSST program provides the opportunity to earn college credit based on what you learned outside of the traditional classroom. Approved by ACE, the DSST program enables you to use knowledge you have acquired to accomplish your educational and professional goals. Learn more about DSST exams by contacting your Academic Advisor

For more information see getcollegecredit.com

For Military Training

Students can receive credit for courses completed through military service schools if course is listed in the Guide to the evaluation for Education Experiences in the Armed Forces (ACE)

By providing transcripts of your military experience, Belhaven University will evaluate them for possible prior learning credits. Students with military experience can request transcripts of their military training and experience by using the links below.

*Please note that Coast Guard Institute and Marine Corps Institute credit will now be included on the Joint Services Transcript.

Military service prior to 1981 can be submitted for evaluation by submitting a copy of your DD214, 2-1, or DD295.

For Professional Training

Students can earn credit for training and certifications that have been accredited by the American Council for Education (ACE)

Learn more about credit for professional training

By Portfolio

Students can earn credit for life experience or on the job training.

Get Portfolio Information about Portfolio Credit from the University Catalogue.