Welcome Message from Belhaven University
President, Dr. Roger Parrott

Message from Dr. Roger Parrott...

Welcome to Belhaven. I'm glad that as an adult student you have chosen Belhaven-this is a unique place that has a great heart and passion for serving the needs of adult students. As an adult, it's a challenge to come back to school, and you're juggling family, you're juggling work, you're juggling your church, and other responsibilities. How are you going to fit this in on top of everything else? We understand that. We've been doing adult education for a long time because it is a priority for us. We think it is a great way to serve you and your fellow students and to serve hundreds of alumni who have gone before you. They figured out a way to make this work, and you will too.

I want to encourage you as you start this program to find God's best for it. I know that for most students coming in, your initial objective is "how can I get in and get out as fast as possible?", and that's okay. In fact, we're named in a guide (Get In. Get Out. Get a Job.)for how to get in and out as fast as possible, and we want that for you. But I think that if you'll invest in the learning experience, you will grow, enrich your life, and be forever changed. We're going to help you get a better job, but we are also going to help you become the person God wants you to be-and that's what's most important. We want God's best in your life, and this educational experience will not only change you, but it will impact your family and those around you. As you understand and learn how God has formed and developed you to be of unique service in this world, we pray you'll find God's very best. I'm glad that Belhaven can be a part of your life in this next phase, and I look forward to handing you a diploma one of these days soon. God bless.